Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year

Today is the beginning of this new year, this new decade.

Isn't it strange how we seem to have nurtured this interesting tradition referred to as new year's resolutions -- making and breaking them. Why? Do we believe that the first day of a new year is a new start? Why don't we believe that each new day can be a new beginning? Why not think that about each moment?

Maybe that is why new year's resolutions get broken -- because we make them, intending to keep them, but we don't renew our intentions to keep them, moving forward through time, moment to moment, day to day. There is something to living in the moment, in the "right now", in living with intention.

I'm not sure I would even have the discipline to do so. Even if I did, how could that be managed with many resolutions. Imagine keeping all those goals moving from moment to moment. Is that even possible? Maybe we just need to choose one and then meet it with sincere and committed intention as we move through our minutes, days and months. But, then again, maybe it is just good enough to set goals, to think about changes we want to make. Maybe we move mountains gradually, slowly, by making conscious choices to become aware that change needs to happen. Change begins with awareness. In fact, it cannot happen without it.

So we become aware, make the choice to change, verbalize our intention to the universe and then actualize it. If we fully commit to this process then how can we keep it going? How can we measure results in our forward progression? How can we "stay awake" so that many months from now we do not look back and lament the loss of focus on these opportunities to change, to grow, to transform.

Are our resolutions unrealistic? Are they too huge? Maybe we need to take a big change, break it down and then create "baby step" resolutions -- ones that we know we can commit to, that we can meet with intention from moment to moment. Maybe if we slip up, we can be gentle with ourselves and re-affirm the resolution rather than sinking the ship or pronouncing immediate failure.

A new year. Many new opportunities. A day just like yesterday, only different. Changes made, changes hoped for, changes to come. Evolving transformation. Awareness and renewal. Intention and commitment.

New. Year. Decade. Awareness. Change. Process. Intention. Commitment. Resolutions.

Where are you at? Where are you going? Where and when will you arrive? Will you ever arrive? How will you get there?

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