Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Time out and the inevitable return of the drive to share...

Some of you may have thought I disappeared -- that I have let this endeavor fade into obscurity. I have not.

For those friends who have missed these random thoughts, thanks for letting it be known. I will re-commit to sharing thoughts with all of you.

It was, and still is, my fervent hope that this be a forum of sharing -- however, given the reality of our busy lives, I completely understand silence. If y'all just want to read and ponder that is fine. Maybe courage will strike in the future and you will feel driven to respond, to share, to create, to cause laughter.

If not, lives spent in quiet contemplation without needing to have one's voice raised is also that balance to the noise that pulls us away from inner discovery and keeps us from the path of thoughts leading us to profound and not so profound conclusions and reshaping of perceptions.

Enjoy in the manner that brings you the most joy.

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